I consulted Mr.Anil Kumar few months back for my job related queries. I was completely satisfied with his knowledge of astrology and counselling techniques. He is a true professional in his field. I certainly recommend him to all the people working in corporate houses for Astro counselling.

Vijeta Karol, London

I met Anilji through a reference for my daughter's marriage related issues. He was very accurate in predicting the time period for my daughter’s marriage. Thanks to this great gentleman.

Dharmesh Kothari, Borivali (E) Mumbai

Anil Kumar is a great expert in Numerology. I consulted him for my firm name. His suggestion about changing my firm name by adding couple of alphabets in it proved out to be very lucky for me. Since then i am in regular touch with him for any Numerology related queries.

Philip Samuel, Andheri (E) Mumbai

Anil Bhai is one of the best Astro-Palmist in Mumbai. My time of birth is not correct & was not sure weather i will get accurate answers to my problems. Anilji answered my business & finance related questions in few minutes with the help of Prashna Kundli. He just took one number from me & answer was given to me. His predictions about recovery of my pending dues came accurate.

Asif Shaikh, Jogeshwari (W) Mumbai

I am a student & my parents consulted Anil Kumar ji for my education related query. He guided us properly about my educational & future life & recommended suitable Gem stone for my self for my overall progress. I am doing extremely well in my studies & very confident that will do good in my professional career as well. I thank Anil Kumar sir for timely guidance.

Divya Solanki, Mira Road, Thane

I was out of job for six months & was very frustrated. Nothing was going my way. One of my friends recommended me to visit Mr.Anil Kumar Astrologer. I never believed in Astrology & Palmistry & this was the first time i happen to meet any Astrologer in my life. I can not still believe that he rightly predicted my new job joining month & my future career progress. Ever since i have started believing in Astrology. There are very few good Astrologers in the system. Anil Kumar is certainly one of those.

Hitesh Kulkarni, Goregaon, (E) Mumbai

I consulted Nakshatra Astrology one year back for my new born daughter's name as per Rashi & Numerology. His Knowledge about numerology is immense. He helped us choose a lucky name for my little angel. May god bless Mr. Anil Kumar.

Divyang Malhotra, Goregaon, (W) Mumbai

I would certainly recommend this Astrologer to all my friends, colleagues & my family members for his honesty, good knowledge about Astrology & his counselling techniques. Your confidence level will certainly go up after meeting Anil Kumar ji. We are lucky to have such Astrologer in our neighbourhood.

Simran Singh, Kandivali, (E) Mumbai

Anilji predicted my husband's promotion prospect in his job very correctly. I wish him good luck for his future.

Charu Desai, Thane, (W)

I came into contact with Mr. Anil Kumar (Astrologer) in 2010 year. I was in two minds in pursuing a business opportunity then. Anilji guided me properly after studying my horoscope and advised me for not going ahead for this opportunity. I thank him for his guidance then, as the business opportunity which i was interested in never took off well and it is still in deep trouble. I thank Mr.Anil for his genuine services.

Capt. Vijay, Malad, (W) Mumbai

My Family members and my friends are taking regular advise and guidance from this great Astrologer and Numerologist. His predictions and guidance has helped us take crucial decision in our lives. I certainly recommend Mr.Anil Kumar to others for Astrology and Numerology services.

Mrs Gayatri, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

I took services of Anilbhai Astrologer for lucky gems stone and Rudraksha for myself and my brother. I have seen good results after putting the Gems stone and Rudraksha recommended by him.

Jayantilal Soni, Santacruz, Mumbai

I take this opportunity in thanking Anil Kumar for his genuine honest, advise with regards to my cousin's job prospects & marriage. Ever since, i have been taking his regular services for Astro-Numero counselling.

Jaya Sharma, Borivali, (W) Mumbai

Anil Kumar ji correctly predicted about my job loss and my financial problems in the year 2009. He is simply brilliant and intelligent Astrologer. I wish him all the success in his profession.

Ketan Patil, Bangalore

Anil Kumar is a very Professional Astrologer in today’s dynamic world. I’m very much surprised with his accuracy of predictions. I belong to a young generation & I’m sure that his approach towards this divine science will definitely attract more & more young generation towards Astrology. He explains things by giving lot many examples so that it becomes easier for people to understand the things. I wish him all the success in future.

Joy Doshi, Surat

I approached Anil Kumar through a friend of mine. I was frustrated with my current job. He predicted that Aug 2010 will be a turning point for my career and I will excel in my job with promotions and rewards. His predictions came true to the point. I have never looked back since then. I am doing well in my job, getting recognitions and rewards. I thank Anil Ji for his knowledge and command over Astrology.

Medha Iyer, Bandra (W) Mumbai

Anil Kumar’s Predictions are very accurate. His analysis of horoscope is unique. He predicted correctly about my health and surgery in Dec 2011. I am consulting him regularly since then May God Bless him !

Mr. Shirish Kamlapurkar, Dombivali, Kalyan

I have visited several astrologers but was never satisfied with their predictions and remedies. I almost lost faith in astrology when my wife convinced me to visit Shri Anil Kumar. For first 10 minutes he studied my horoscope and then he started revealing my past events of my life which were amazingly true. He suggested simple and practical remedies for my problems. Anil Kumar Ji is a master in his field. Best Luck!..

Mukesh Patel, Ahmedabad

I would like to thank Mr Anil Kumar for his astrological guidance on my chances of buying a house in Vadodara. His prediction came true as I purchased my own flat in March 2010 . Thank you for your guidance sir.

Nitin Gaikwad, Vadodara

Anil Kumar is an honest, able astrologer and numerologist. He talks straight and does not hide anything. I consulted him for a Lucky name for my business as per Numerology. The name suggested by him for my business has been very lucky for me. My client base has increased multiple folds and I am enjoying my success. I recommend Mr Anil Kumar to others also who wish to take his advice on Astrology and Numerology.

Amit Saxena, Bangalore

Dear Anil Sir, I am very much impressed with your knowledge of palmistry. My birth details were not correct and hence you read my palms in July 2013. You have correctly read out my nature and behavior. Your prediction about my health has come true. Your style of reading a person is amazing. I sincerely pray god for your success.

Deepti Gera, Ahmedabad

Dear Sir, I was very upset when you predicted that I don’t have a chance to go abroad for further studies in the year 2008. I didn’t believe you at that time and I carried on with my efforts to go abroad for further studies, but as destiny would have it. I failed to get admission in the college which I dreamt for. After that due to my bad health I dropped the idea of studying abroad. You correctly predicted this event and my faith in astrology has regained. We need more astrologers like you in our society.

Abhijit Sonawane, Nagpur

Anil Kumar Ji ,Pranam …. I came to visit you for my daughter’s marriage. She was 25 then. When you saw her horoscope you clearly said my daughter will have love marriage. I was completely shocked at that moment as no body in our family has done love marriage and more over my daughter was also very reserved in nature, but you were very confident about your study and confirmed that she will have love marriage. Your predictions came very true. After 2 years, She liked a guy in her office and both decided to get married. She is now happily married with a son.

Smita Iyengar, New Delhi.

I had come to meet you a couple of weeks back for Astrology consultation. Must say that I am much relieved now & have reasonably come out of the stress & confusion over my dilemma. Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me come out of this stage... You could answer my query just by Prashna Kundli and Ruling Planets. Thanks to you and your accurate KP System .

Mukta Patel, Ahmedabad

The services of Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology rendered by Mr Anil Kumar is too good. His services are genuine , authentic and you feel fully satisfied after meeting Mr Anil Kumar. I am consulting him regularly since last 6 years.

Vijeta Karol, London

I have consulted Guruji Anil Kumar and i would like to say that he has provided valuable guidance to me regarding my Job, Career, Marriage & many other things. He also provided his valuable guidance regarding my illness. Every meeting with him gives me lot of encouragement and confidence. It is my good destiny that I came across Mr Anil Kumar.

Venkat Reddy, Vijaywada ( A.P)

Before consulting Mr Anil Kumar, I had consulted many different astrologers, but, i had not experienced the accuracy of predictions. I was also doubtful about the astrology as a science till then. I heard about him & the KP & i was a bit curious about KP too. So, i decided to show my horoscope to him for consultation. After studying my horoscope, he correctly told me about my field of education, specialization and career. He was also correct about my health problem related to my right ear. I felt really good & got satisfied after his analysis of my horoscope & experienced the depth of his study too. I wish him very good luck for his future progress.

Dr Poonam Mehta, Professor, Mumbai

I came cross Mr. Anil Kumar during an astrological conference in Mumbai where he deliverd a speech about birth time rectification. I decided to consult him later in person. I met him in Feb 2014 for rectification of my birth time. He just look 15 minutes to complete this task. After studing my horoscope as per the details given by me he rectified my birth time to 21:28:35 (9 hours 28 minutes 35 seconds in the evening). He also verified the rectified bith time with my past events of life. Long live Anilji.... Long live KP....

Maheshbhai Raval, Ahmedabad

Dear Anilji, I met you 2 years back for and astrological advice regarding my married life. I was going through a rough phase in my married life that time and was planning to seek divorce. When you saw my horoscope, you confidentally told me that there is no separation Yog in my kundali. You also confirmed this with a Prasha Kundali. I could'nt believe your words that time. Today i am glad to say that i am still with my husband and things have change a lot over these 2 years. My married life is back on the track now.I salute your command over astrology. I would certainly like to consult you in future also.

Ketaki Trivedi, Surat